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Thank you for joining the GradFUTURES Forum! Below is a growing list of links, resources, and materials from speakers, presenters, and attendees of the 2021 GradFUTURES Forum.
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Resources from Day 1 Events (April 26)

9:00 AM: The Imperative of Graduate Student Professional Development & the GradFUTURES Initiative
11:00 AM: Using Real-time Labor Market Data to Understand Diverse Career Pathways for PhDs
12:15 PM: Rethinking Networking with Dr. Afia Ofori-Mensa
12:15 PM: Inclusive Leadership: The Power of Self-Awareness and Understanding Your Strengths
2:00 PM: Drug Discovery
3:00 PM: LinkedIn Rock Your Profile: Cultivate Connections and Build Your Brand
4:00 PM: Mentorship Matters with Mentor Collective


Resources from Day 2 Events (April 27)

9:00 AM: National PhD Career Diversity Trends & Best Practices
11:00 AM: Accelerated Business Skills for Grad Students
12:00 PM: LinkedIn Rock Your Profile: Cultivate Connections and Build Your Brand
1:00 LinkedIn Office Hours with LinkedIn's Sarah Viner
2:00 PM: Graduate Education: Then, Now, Next
4:00 PM: Community College Teaching Fellowship Program: Overview and Key Takeaways
5:00 PM: LinkedIn Rockstars Live for Graduate Students


Resources from Day 3 Events (April 28)

9:00 AM: Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Understanding PhD Labor Market Demand
10:15 AM: Graduate Student Leaders Panel
11:00 AM: Trailblazers Beyond the Tenure Track
12:00: Data Science in the Life Sciences
1:15 PM: Podcasting Panel
2:00 PM: Going Beyond Sustainability: Creating New Models and Future Leaders with Chad Frischmann
3:15 PM: Transforming Your CV into a Resume
4:00 PM: Keynote: Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO of New America


Resources from Day 4 Events (April 29)

9:00 AM: Understanding the Pathway to the Professoriate with Academic Analytics
10:30 AM: Navigating the Hidden Curriculum in Graduate School with Dr. Jessica Calarco
11:00 AM: Experiential Learning Thru Capstones: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Recorded Session: Link for Registered Participants
12:00 PM: Recalculating: A Conversation with NYT Best-Selling Author Lindsey Pollak
1:15 PM: Inclusive Mentorship and Mentor Collective
2:15 PM: Blazing a Path with a PhD: Fireside Chat with Dr. Anita Sands and Lucy Partman (GS, ART)
4:00 PM: Keynote: Sophal Ear *97 on Resilience and the Futures of the PhD
5:00 PM: Transitioning from Graduate School to Entrepreneur - Lessons Learned from Successful Founders


Resources from Day 5 Events (April 30)

9:00 AM: National Coalition Efforts to Promote Graduate Professional Development
10:00 AM: Student-Centered Graduate Education for the 21st Century
11:00 AM: Ethics of AI: A GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Spotlight
12:00 PM: Accelerating Humanities Professional Development-- A Conversation with Ann Kirschner *78 and Paula Krebs
1:15 PM: Mentorship Best Practices: A Conversation
1:15 PM: Graduate Student Entrepreneurs & Designers Share Their Stories
2:30 PM: Amplifying Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Humanities