Forge Connections

Build a strong network of mentors, advocates, and professionals within and beyond your discipline as a source of advice, inspiration, and possible referrals.

When GradFUTURES launched, we immediately received an outpouring of support from graduate alums, many of whom said they wished there was a professional development program like this when they were at Princeton. Across our programming, we help you build connections and community—and develop the same kinds of multigenerational networks that have existed for decades among Princeton’s undergraduate alums. With countless opportunities to align with fellow graduate students, graduate alums, professionals, and trailblazers, you will develop a deep roster of connections who can illuminate possibility now and as you envision your future(s).

Featured Programs

Graduate Alum-in-Residence Program

Schedule 1:1 consultations with graduate alums working in a variety of roles across the academic, government, nonprofit, and private sectors.

Graduate Alum Mentorship Program

Benefit from ongoing access to a network of Princeton graduate alum mentors, who offer guidance and advice across a broad range of fields. 

GradFUTURES LinkedIn Group

Find community and connections among and between current graduate students and those within the broader University community.

Pablo Oyler-Castrillo Headshot
“There are *a lot* of resources here in Princeton dedicated to helping students at every stage of their career exploration and planning – it can be a bit overwhelming at first! If you don't know where to begin when thinking about your future plans (I certainly didn't), just start by attending one or two events organized by GradFUTURES and chat with us about what's on your mind. We are more than happy to put you in touch with people who can best help you, and gradually you will build a network that will make the career planning process an overall exciting and empowering experience.” 

Pablo Oyler-Castrillo, GS, QCB

Additional Programs to Explore

The GradFUTURES Forum

Prepare for multiple futures through sessions with real-time relevance to graduate school that provide a glimpse into a world of possibilities beyond. 

The GradFUTURES Podcast

Listen to the professional development stories of graduate students, graduate alums, and those who partner and collaborate with them!

Trailblazers Beyond the Tenure Track: Graduate Alum Stories & Profiles

Develop a vision of the journey ahead by exploring the experiences of trailblazers who have pursued careers beyond the tenure track.

“When I was a graduate student at Princeton, I knew I wanted to be a librarian, but I had to figure out how to get library work experience and learn more about the library world. Most of my successes, whether in finding work at the library or gaining a better understanding of various library fields, came from reaching out to librarians, asking them about their career journeys, and learning from their advice. This outreach approach prepared me to be better equipped as a librarian candidate, and it can work for other professional fields as well."

Deborah Schlein, *19, NES, Near Eastern Studies Librarian, Princeton University Library

“To this day, my Grad School classmates and colleagues form a central core within my professional network. Engage with those around you—not only within your discipline, but more broadly. Conversations and ideas shared with faculty members, visiting scholars, and fellow students will remain with you, a constellation of thoughts and perspectives by which to chart your professional course."

Natalka Pavlovsky *88, *01, MUS, Professor of Music, Rowan College of South Jersey

Networking Events

American Higher Ed Learning Cohort Session 5: Professionalization- Degrees, Other Credentials, Careers
Session 5: The straitened academic job market continues to affect the lives of both scholars and institutions.  Today we will discuss the mission of the research university: what can—and should—graduate education look like when there aren’t enough professorships for the students who attend? 
  Readings (See…
American Higher Ed Learning Cohort Session 6: International Perspectives (Europe, Asia)
Session 6: Our focus widens outward today, to encompass the increasing globalization of higher education, both graduate and undergraduate.  U.S. higher education began by emulating English and European models.  Today it also serves as a model for those systems, and for Asia.  We will explore these dynamics together.
Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, and Startups Learning Cohort: Capstone Presentations

In this final session of the program, the student teams will provide their analysis of the company that presented in the prior class to a group including the lecturers as well as outside guests from the investment community. The facilitators will conclude with a class wrap-up.

Cohort Overview: A growing number of…