Five Pillars of GradFUTURES Strategy

Our professional development model emphasizes transferable skills, individualized pathways, and lifelong career optionality. These five pillars work together in a model that gives graduate students a coordinated, comprehensive experience.

Explore Our Pillars

Professional Competency Model

Explore the comprehensive learning framework that underpins our work, spanning eight core competencies that cultivate possibility.

Campus-Wide Ecosystem

See how our dedicated network of partners unites to create meaningful experiences and learning opportunities for graduate students at all stages.

Experiential Learning

Learn how experiences in the academic, government, nonprofit, and private sectors empower students to gain in-demand skills and insight into future paths.

Graduate-Alum Connections

Consider the unmatched value that is created when an invested community of graduate students and graduate alums come together.

Data Transparency

Understand how a committment to transparency drives our approach, including the collection of five- and ten-year career outcomes data.

Howard Stone
"As I started as a faculty member, I realized that what I enjoyed most was learning, and I was able to benefit from the interplay I found possible between teaching and research. The synergies helped me over many years to maintain the joy I experience when teaching, while also helping me learn to exercise more creativity in research. Professional development has many facets, and the Graduate School can help with developing these skills. There are many possible paths to take after Princeton, and a core of good professional approaches, including soft skills, can help take you far, quite likely in directions you never imagined."

Howard Stone, Donald R. Dixon ’69 and Elizabeth W. Dixon Professor