Faculty Perspectives

Faculty mentoring and advice play a critical role in graduate students’ professional development. We’ve asked faculty from every division to share their perspectives on the value of building professional competencies via curricular and co-curricular experiences. (Faculty, to submit your profile, kindly complete this brief form.) 

Faculty Perspectives on Professional Development

Rodney D. Priestley
Dean of the Graduate School

Rodney D. Priestley is the dean of the Graduate School and the Pomeroy and Betty Perry Smith Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering and was named vice dean for innovation in 2020. Since joining Princeton’s faculty in 2009, Priestley has performed groundbreaking fundamental research in materials science, facilitated the development and…

Anna Arabindan-Kesson
Assistant Professor and Director, Art Hx

Professor Anna Arabindan-Kesson is an assistant professor of African American and Black Diasporic art with a joint appointment in the Department of Art and Archaeology. Born in Sri Lanka, she completed undergraduate degrees in New Zealand and Australia, and worked as a Registered Nurse in the UK before completing her PhD in African American…

Craig Arnold

Caig B. Arnold is the Vice Dean for Innovation and the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science at Princeton University.  Arnold previously was the Director of the Princeton Materials Institute from 2015 through 2022.  His research ranges from basic science to applied technology aimed at…

Wendy Laura Belcher
Professor of Comparative Literature and African American Studies
"Fortunately, the graduate student professional development program at Princeton University provides training in just these types of skills and thus is an essential part of graduate student success now and in the future."
André Benhaïm
Associate Professor

"The leadership and opportunities promoted by GradFutures provide students with invaluable practical tools that will help them magnify their professional potential."

Brendan Boler
Assistant Professor, University of Virginia Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Brendan Boler, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia's (UVA) Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. He previously spent seven years as an award-winning professor at UVA’s School of Commerce. Dr. Boler has extensive experience in management consulting and banking, having worked at Accenture, Goldman Sachs, and…

Flora Champy
Assistant Professor

Flora Champy joined the Department of French and Italian as an Assistant Professor of French in September 2018. She holds a dual PhD in French Literature from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and Rutgers University. Her research focuses on eighteenth-century French political literature and philosophy, with special interests in classical…

William A. Gleason
Hughes-Rogers Professor of English and American Studies;
"It's exciting to see how many new initiatives and opportunities for graduate student professional development are emerging here on campus, in communication, teaching, leadership, wellness, career management, and other crucial areas."
Jenny Greene
Professor of Astrophysical Sciences

"PTI supports our students not only by creating a strong community of like-minded people across the University, but also by providing a substantive teaching experience for our students."

Stanley N. Katz
Professor of Public and International Affairs;
"The Higher Education Workshop has been a boon for me as a scholar-teacher with a long commitment to the study of higher education policy."
Steven Kelts
Lecturer, University Center for Human Values

Steven Kelts is a long-time ethics educator. He has twenty years of experience working with undergraduates, including in residential education environments and intensive, selective seminars. His research is on the history and uses of market ideas, including theories of the firm and corporate organization. He consults in the private sector with…

Josh Kotin
Associate Professor, Department of English
"The workshop is an important forum for exploring graduate student professional development in the twenty-first century."