Venture Capital & Startups 7: Guest Graduate Alumna, Juliana Nascimento *08 (ORFE), co-founder Optimal Dynamics

Mar 23, 2023, 4:45 pm6:30 pm
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Event Description
Session Description: The guest entrepreneur will be a Princeton grad student or professor who has a startup company. The entrepreneur will discuss their path from grad student/professor to start-up entrepreneur and will pitch their company to the class.

Cohort Description: A growing number of startups are emerging from universities and research institutes — young enterprises that are accelerating innovation and changing the game in social entrepreneurship and in every field imaginable. Increasingly, graduate students are the founders behind these new businesses. At Princeton, there is a robust innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem that connects graduate students, postdocs, alumni, faculty, venture capitalists, and industry.  During the course of 8 weeks, this program serves as a “crash course” for understanding the world of VC funding and startups. You will learn about the lingo, the economics, the process, and the landscape—and meet members of the broader innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. You will also hear first-hand from graduate alumni founders about their entrepreneurial journeys -- and all of the challenges and successes they had along the way. The cohort culminates with a group project where graduate students will work across disciplines to synthesize and apply their learnings. 


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