Princeton University Library Author Talk: Ryo Morimoto "Nuclear Ghost"

Oct 3, 2023, 4:30 pm5:30 pm
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Event Description
"There is a nuclear ghost in Minamisōma." This is how one resident describes a mysterious experience following the 2011 nuclear fallout in coastal Fukushima. Investigating the nuclear ghost among the graying population, Ryo Morimoto encounters radiation’s shapeshifting effects.

Morimoto, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University, has written one of the first in-depth ethnographic accounts of coastal Fukushima in English, “Nuclear Ghost.” In conversation with physicist and co-director of Princeton’s Program in Science and Global Security, Zia Mian, Morimoto presents the stories of a diverse group of residents who aspire to live and die well in their now irradiated homes and their determination to recover their land, cultures, and histories for future generations.

Morimoto and Mian will also discuss Princeton's role in nuclear-related research and projects.

This special author talk is brought to you by Global Japan Lab, Humanities Council, and Princeton University Library.


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