American Higher Ed Learning Cohort Session 5: Professionalization- Degrees, Other Credentials, Careers

Dec 4, 2023, 5:00 pm7:00 pm
Louis A. Simpson 271, Louis A. Simpson 271


Event Description
Session 5:
The straitened academic job market continues to affect the lives of both scholars and institutions.  Today we will discuss the mission of the research university: what can—and should—graduate education look like when there aren’t enough professorships for the students who attend? 
Readings (See Attached):
The NASEM Report, "Graduate STEM Education for the 21st Century" - Please read the "summary" (following the front matter) and browse through the rest.

John Guillory, Professing Criticism, chapter 9 ("On the Permanent Crisis in Graduate Education," 247-278)
James Van Wyck, “Academia Is an Ecosystem, Not a Container” (Leaving the Grove, 243-262)

American Higher Ed: History, Culture, and Challenges Cohort Description: 
Designed for graduate students pursuing tenure track careers, as well as those considering a range of careers in and related to higher education, our session topics range from the rise of the PhD as the central academic credential, to graduate education’s role in the research university, to the role of faculty in university governance. Along the way you’ll connect a range of guests, including university press editors, foundation and public humanities leaders, and faculty and administrators from a range of institutions. 
This workshop series will take a long view of American higher education, framing its problems and prospects in both current and historical terms. How did we get here? Where are we headed, and why? Where should we be headed? The overarching goal is both broad and simple: that you extend and deepen your understanding of the history and culture of the academic workplace and profession you now occupy, and the fields you hope to enter.

Directions: Room 271 is located in the Louis A. Simpson International Building, contiguous to the Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building, located on the southeastern corner of Washington Road and William Street. After entering the building at the Washington Road entrance take the elevator on your right to floor 2. Exit the elevator and go to your right. Continue straight down the hall. Just prior to the first glass door make a right through another glass door and proceed down the corridor. At the end of the corridor make a left, and walk straight ahead to room 271.


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