Deadline: Dean’s Fund for Scholarly Travel grants

May 1, 2022, 11:55 pmMay 2, 2022, 12:00 am
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The Graduate School offers the Dean’s Fund for Scholarly Travel grant for students invited to present their research at scholarly conferences. Graduate students must follow the University Permissible Travel Guidelines when planning their travel.

The deadline to apply for travel during June, July and August is May 1, 2022. Students must apply through SAFE for this funding opportunity. We will also continue to accept requests to fund registration fees for online virtual conferences. Below is a description of the grant:

The Dean’s Fund for Scholarly Travel
The Dean’s Fund for Scholarly Travel grant is available to enrolled doctoral students in years G3 through and including DCE-1 who have been invited to present a scholarly paper at a conference or meeting. Preference is given to students in the humanities and social sciences in higher years of study (i.e., G4, G5, and first year DCE) and to those whose work is not supported by a research grant. Funds are not intended to replace support from the research contract with which the student is associated.

Applications are considered, in part, in the order in which they are received, and not every worthwhile request in every funding period can be granted. Scholarly Travel grants are funded at cost to a maximum of $800. Students may apply multiple times throughout the year but are not awarded more than the $800 maximum in any given year.

The following must be submitted through SAFE for a complete application:
Brief statement indicating the reason for attending the conference and the importance of the conference to continued academic progress.
A copy of the letter/email stating that the paper has been accepted to the conference or a copy of the conference program where student’s name and paper title appear with the date and time.
Name, dates and location of the conference.
Title of student’s paper/presentation.
Indication if student is co-author with adviser or other faculty.
Estimated budget with total amount requested.
Letter of support from adviser.

Please contact Elaine Willey with any questions about the Dean’s Fund for Scholarly Travel.


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