Ethics of AI: GradFUTURES Learning Cohort Spring 2021, Session 5


Event Description

GradFUTURES Learning Cohorts (GLCs) are a series of interdisciplinary seminars and co-curricular learning opportunities for graduate students at Princeton. GLCs bring together graduate students, alumni, faculty, industry and campus partners from a variety of disciplines to focus on a current societal, industry, and/or global theme.

In its third year, the Ethics of AI Learning Cohort will offer introductory presentations, case studies, short readings, and discussion where participating graduate students will develop an awareness of the issues at stake, consider their application in real world situations, and explore related research and professional opportunities. Should they be interested, participants will also have the opportunity to explore practical experiences such as a summer internship, fellowship, writing opportunity, immersive project or conference in the field, for example. Participants will be invited to join the Canvas course after they register for the Kick-off session. 

Session 5: March 29, Noon-1:30 pm ET

Lead: Annette Zimmermann, University of York

Topic: Who is responsible for solving algorithmic injustice?

There is plenty of evidence of algorithmic injustice in many different domains, from criminal justice to social welfare, from education to credit scoring. Who bears the primary responsibility for making algorithmic systems more just? Individual engineers? Researchers and experts? The private corporations who sell algorithmic tools? Governments and public institutions which buy and use those tools? Or all of us, the community of democratic citizens as a whole?


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