Webinar: Stay Connected Online While Social Distancing


Event Description

Learn how to stay connected with your community and scholarly networks during the COVID-19 pandemic in this 30-min free webinar.

Things are changing quickly. Faculty members around the world are transitioning their courses to online. Students are adapting to a new normal.

This webinar is all about how to stay connected, how to stay social, while social distancing.

We're going to talk about several forms of communication like

  • social media

  • direct messaging

  • email

  • phone calls

  • video chat

And we'll talk about how to reach out to people with empathy through these various means.

Social distancing means keeping apart physically. We can still stay social, and this webinar is all about how.


Webinar details

When: April 1, 2020 at 2pm CT

Where: Zoom

A replay will be available for those of you unable to make this webinar live.


*While this webinar is geared towards HigherEd graduate students, faculty, and researchers it is open to everyone.

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