Venture Capital and Startups Learning Cohort

Now in its third year, the Venture Capital and Startup learning cohort connects an interdisciplinary group of graduate students interested in learning about the world of VC and startups in a casual environment. This is a great crash course for graduate students who are simply curious. Whether students are interested in researching the world of VCs and startups, forming their own or joining one, understanding the landscape and how the various sources of funding work to get a startup off the ground is essential. 

Led by Managing Directors of Fitz Gate Ventures, Jim Cohen '86 and Mark Poag '93, this series will meet for five sessions throughout the year. Invited guests including alumni working in startups or spinouts and professionals on campus who support the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be included in each session to connect graduate students to the opportunities available to them.. We encourage all graduates students in the cohort to participate in the Tiger Entrepreneurship Conference (TEC) hosted by the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council. TEC is held in a different city each year.

A graduate student in Anthropology who is researching VCs is happy he connected with the learning cohort last year, “Thank you for a fantastic event with Mark and Jim. Those nuts and bolts of VC are helpful grounding for me to have when my anthropology research on VC and the SF startup economy goes into full swing in a year.”


2019-2020 Schedule

Thurs Oct 10: Venture Capital Overview - the lingo around venture capital and startups with special guest, Cornelia Huellstrunk, Executive Director of the Keller Center              

Fri Nov 8: Tiger Entrepreneurship Conference, NYC

Wed Nov 13: Sources of Capital and Finance Topics with special guest, Tony Williams, New Ventures Associate, Office of Technology Licensing, Princeton University

Thurs Dec 5: Guest Entrepreneur             

Thurs Feb 6: Site Visit to NYC TBD

March 2020:  Guest Entrepreneur TBD

Venture Capital and Startup Profiles

  • Joseph Avery, GS, PSY

  • Jim Cohen, '86

    • Jim Cohen, '86
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