Future Faculty Bootcamps

GradFUTURES is pleased to announce the Future Faculty bootcamp to provide transparency on roles and responsibilities and professional lives of faculty in diverse institutions. This series, held Aug 15-16 (12-4 p.m.) and Aug 17 (12-6p.m.) is particularly suited to Ph.D. candidates interested in faculty and/ or independent research careers. A small number of spots will be available for postdocs. 

Learning goals

Faculty roles can vary across diverse higher education institutions such as public universities, liberal arts colleges and community colleges. These roles can be research-intensive, teaching-intensive, as well as research-teaching focused. 

Therefore, participate in Future Faculty series to gain knowledge of the following:

  • The landscape of faculty roles within diverse higher education institutions in the US
  • Metrics and rubrics that drive (or influence) faculty hiring in diverse institutions
  • Funding discovery and pathways toward research independence
  • Range of responsibilities undertaken by faculty necessitating diverse skills such as innovation, leadership, management, communication and mentoring 
  •  The shared and distinct flavors of faculty life at diverse institutions (R1, R2, liberal arts college) and community colleges
  • Skills and competencies in teaching, service and access, diversity & inclusion for holistic development and professional success

You will also get the opportunity to learn from and meet Princeton alumni who serve as faculty in diverse institutions, as well as faculty in Princeton.

Day 1 and Day 2 sessions will be separate for science and engineering, and humanities and social sciences divisions. Day 3 will be common for all divisions (except alumni panel). Click on events related to individual days for details on topics and speakers. Please click on individual webpages for science & engineering or humanities & social sciences for detailed information on topic, speakers and registration.