Council on Science and Technology: The Peoples' Sky UAF

Fellowship Description

The Council on Science and Technology seeks a UAF who will help to organize and manage a novel astronomy conference we plan to co-sponsor in the spring called 'The Peoples' Sky: Indigenous Astronomy Since the Beginning of Time.' The mission of this conference is to convene the most expansive representation of ancestral knowledge and indigenous science from communities across the globe, in order to highlight the incredible astronomical legacy of our communities and the ways our observations have to led to understanding ourselves. We hope to come together, share and compare our cosmologies, and find the means by which we may all better know our world, and the sky above.

Often non-Western narratives for how science is conducted and the scientists from non-Western cultures are overlooked. This conference will be a step towards bringing other scientific narratives and modes to the forefront. The UAF will work with the Assistant Director to organize a Local Organizing Committee (LOC), carry out and delegate logistical tasks as required for the conference's execution and assist with advertising and selecting conference participants.

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The CST is comprised of dedicated faculty and staff who work to advance STEM literacy across Princeton University and beyond through rigorous course development, creative interdisciplinary programming, and robust educational research. By developing strong collaborations across disciplines, the CST seeks to ensure that all members of the Princeton University community, regardless of their background, experience, or discipline, can engage with, appreciate, and apply science in their everyday lives, in their careers, and in society. 


UAF Mentor

Erin Flowers *23
UAF Mentor
Assistant Director, STEM Education, Council on Science and Technology

Erin is an astrophysicist and Assistant Director of STEM Education with the Council on Science and Technology at Princeton University. Her research interests include both theoretical and observational exoplanet characterization and detection and astrobiology. She is currently a Researcher for the NASA Dragonfly Mission, working with Dr. Claire…

People List

Kellie G. Abbott
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Director of Special Initiatives at NJCEH
Boris Anatol’evich Ravdin
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Barbara Andrew
Higher Education Leadership Fellowship Mentor
Honors College Dean, William Patterson University Honors College
Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
Tracy Bergstorm
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Program Manager, ITHAKA
An-Me Chung
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Director and Strategic Advisor, New America
Leanne Clark-Shirley
Vice President of Programs and Thought Leadership, The American Society on Aging
Social Impact Fellowship Mentor
Andrew D'Amico
Assistant Director for Operational Engagement & Impact Analysis