Leadership & Collaboration


Leadership and collaboration skills are essential in all work environments. Learn to manage multidisciplinary teams in creating breakthrough ideas and finding innovative solutions. 

Key Topics: 

  • Discover ways to lead and collaborate with diverse teams through inclusion practices 
  • Learn professionalism and ethics  
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship 
  • Gain project management skills and global and intercultural fluency

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Your Leadership Roadmap

Early Stage
  • Explore serving on a departmental or campus-wide committee
  • Join or start a new graduate student organization
  • Participate in the GradLEAD series for leadership development
  • Take the Gallup Strengths assessment
Mid Stage
  • Take on a leadership role in a graduate student organization
  • Apply for an officer position in the Graduate Student Government
  • Apply for a University Administrative Fellows position
  • Apply to be a Community Associate, Diversity Fellow, Professional Development Associate in the Graduate School
Advanced Stage
  • Participate in the GradLEAD series for leadership development
  • Participate in the Keller Center’s Entrepreneurship offerings
  • Attend the Leading with a Ph.D. Graduate Student Conference
  • Seek out mentors who are leaders in their respective fields


Read how current students and alumni have applied their leadership and collaboration skills to various disciplines.

  • Avery Agles, GS, CBE

  • Jonathan Aguirre, GS, SPO

    • Jonathan Aguirre, GS, SPO
      • Professional Development Working Group Member
      • Participant, American Higher Ed GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
      • Participant, Ethics of AI GradFUTURES Learning Cohort
  • Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS

    • Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
      • Summer Intern, Bureau of Bureau of Public Affairs/ Office of the Historian in Washington D.C
  • Yuzhou Bai, GS, EAS

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