Campus-Wide Ecosystem

Innovation in dialogue creates new possibilities. The fast-evolving global context in which modern life and work is centered calls for leaders whose skills and experience are the engine for incisive action and insight. Rooted in our academic departments, Princeton’s campus-wide innovation ecosystem includes a wide range of partners. Our shared goal is simple, yet expansive: To empower individuals with the professional competencies and connections required to chart their futures. Together, we ensure that graduate student professional development is visible, valuable, and viable–and an intrinsic part of graduate education at Princeton.

Professional Development Ecosystem 2023

Partnering to Create Meaningful Opportunities

Academic Departments & Faculty

Create discipline-specific professional development programs and resources in partnership with the GradFUTURES team.

Graduate Student Professional Development Associates

Co-create programs and events that reflect graduate students' unique interests, input, and innovative ideas.

Higher Ed Partners

Work with us to offer opportunities for Princeton doctoral students to gain substantive experience in diverse educational settings.

Graduate Alums

Provide meaningful advice, referrals to opportunities, and inspiration as an advocate and mentor to to current graduate students.

Industry Partners

Partner with us to expand the range of experiential opportunities for our doctoral students to gain progressive exposure to different industries.

Campus Partners

Collaborate with a coalition of staff across campus who have a shared goal to expand programs, resources, and opportunities.

Craig Arnold
“Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and fully engage with the entire Princeton ecosystem. The most exciting research and ideas tend to lie at the interfaces between traditional disciplines and fields. Connecting with others, sharing your thoughts and ideas, can lead to unexpected and new discoveries that can change the world."

Craig Arnold, Vice Dean for Innovation and the Susan Dod Brown Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science