Meet Our Team

Staff Members

  • Joel Boggess

    • Joel Boggess
      • Coordinator, Professional Development & Access and Inclusion
    • Phone: 609-258-9794
    • Email:
    • Office: Clio Hall

    As a Coordinator for the Professional Development and Access, Diversity, and Inclusion teams, Joel helps to manage the daily workflow and to...

  • Evangeline "Eva" Kubu

    Associate Dean and Director Kubu provides strategic vision and leads the efforts of the Graduate School in developing a comprehensive and...

  • Amy Pszczolkowski

    “As an long-time advocate and champion for the diverse careers our graduate students pursue, I’m excited to expand and make more visible the many...
  • James M. Van Wyck

    James M. Van Wyck is the liaison for the Humanities & Social Sciences.

Professional Development Associates

  • Yuzhou Bai, GS, EAS

    "I'm excited to support my fellow Ph.D.s in at least two ways: to highlight recent job market trends and consult on new career options for graduate...
  • Annabel S. Lemma, GS, CBE

    "What programmings do you want to see from the Professional Development office? I am always happy to listen to your inputs and discuss ways in which...
  • James C. Loy, GS, PHY

    • James C. Loy, GS, PHY
      • Professional Development Associate
      • Professional Development Working Group Member
    • Email:

    James C. Loy is a Ph.D. student in Physics, and a Professional Development Associate charged with working primarily on initiatives for graduate...

  • Sarah Wilterson, GS, PSY

    Sarah Wilterson is a Professional Development Associate supporting graduate students in the Social Sciences..