Office of Sustainability UAF

Fellowship Description

Gain experience and knowledge in project management and sustainability by assisting with the development of applied research projects as a member of the Office of Sustainability’s Campus as Lab team!

The UAF candidate will be responsible for assisting the CAL program team with project coordination and management of various research and engagement initiatives. In doing so, the UAF will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience working with diverse and multi-disciplinary groups from across the University, while learning how sustainability is incorporated into capital and operational projects.

Core responsibilities

  • Collaborating with the Assistant Director to prepare, moderate, and attend key project planning and/or stakeholder meetings 
  • Monitoring and tracking progress of projects, and 
  • Conducting timely follow-ups to ensure progress is being made and stakeholders are kept accountable 

Examples of emerging projects on which the candidate will assist include: installing indoor air quality monitoring sensors in a new undergrad residential dorm building, and using trail cameras to monitor and track wildlife around Princeton’s campus.

UAF Mentor

Ijeoma Nwagwu

As Assistant Director for the Office of Sustainability, Dr. Ijeoma Nwagwu manages academic engagement and Campus-as-Lab (CAL) initiatives. In this role, she facilitates a portfolio of projects at the nexus of education, research, and operations with the objective of advancing hands-on-learning and applied sustainability; and she serves as an advocate for social justice and environmental equity in public and private governance.

Current & Former Office of Sustainability Fellows

James Trettin, GS, CBE
University Administrative Fellow

"As a student in chemical engineering, most of my professional development has focused on expanding my research skills. As a university administrative fellow in the Office of Sustainability, I can explore professional development in a new area for me. I offer my unique perspective to help facilitate the Campus as Lab (CAL) program and I have learned more about administration at the university level."

Melissa Tier, GS, SPI
University Administrative Fellow

"Given my professional background, I was eager to connect with Princeton's Office of Sustainability once I started my PhD. I hope to help expand graduate student opportunities to engage with sustainability at Princeton, among other projects. I'm also really grateful that my professional and academic experiences can continue to inform each other, and I appreciate that Princeton makes it possible to interweave these interests."