Keller Center for Entrepreneurship UAF

Fellowship Description

The Keller Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking in partnership with the GradFUTURES Team in the Graduate School is creating a new program “Humanities in Entrepreneurship: Harnessing Social Impact.” The program is aimed at Humanities graduate students who are interested in learning more about ways in which humanities training and background are relevant for innovation and entrepreneurship. The program will:

  • Introduce participants to humanities and social impact initiatives on the Princeton campus and beyond
  • Connect with entrepreneurs and key figures at such initiatives among the faculty and in businesses and nonprofits
  • Give practical experience in running a small-scale socially-oriented team project

The participants will get the experience and the language to talk about their training and achievements that will set them apart at job interviews for academic and non-academic positions. They will be enabled to participate with confidence and ease in the Keller Center and Princeton Entrepreneurial Council initiatives such as Tiger Challenge, eLab and Innovation Bootcamp and others aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and design-thinking and draw on their expertise and training in the Humanities to make societal impact as they consider entrepreneurial path for themselves. The program is aimed at PhDs of all years.

Start Date: As soon as possible. Apply below! The selected candidate is guaranteed a spot in the program as well. 


We are looking for a Humanities graduate student who will give practical help in designing and developing the program. You will be working in close collaboration with the program creators. Expected time commitment: Average of 6 hours, with a maximum 10 hours/week depending on the week.

UAF Mentor

Jessica Leung *19, ARC
Design Program Manager & Lecturer

Jessica teaches human-centered design at Princeton University. Jessica’s mission is to help people co-create a world where solutions to societal problems take humans into consideration and are designed with empathy at the core. Through directing Keller Center’s Tiger Challenge and teaching ENT 200, Jessica guides teams of students in honing their creativity, developing confidence in tackling problems, and implementing innovative solutions that improve equity, environment, education, and health.

Current & Former Fellows & Mentors

Elizaveta Mankovskaia *22 (SLA)

"My UAF has been a fantastically useful and inspiring experience!... The part I especially enjoy is thinking about how to take advantage of the impressive statistics testifying to Princeton leadership in the field of financial aid and at the same time convey a human story behind the numbers."

Jeff Phaneuf, GS, SPIA

"I learned the importance of innovation while deployed Iraq. Entrepreneurial thinking and creative problem-solving kept my Marines safe every day in the fight against ISIS. GradFUTURES has given me the chance to direct my graduate studies towards having real-world impact once I leave Princeton."

Max Horder, GS, ANT

"My experience of the UAF program has been transformational: it has equipped me with the skillset I need to translate my academic training into proficiencies valued in many different industries. The Fellowship has given me a much wider perspective of my potential as a graduate student and unlocked a whole new dimension to the investment I am making at Princeton."

Cory Isaacs, GS, SPI
"My time as a UAF is helping me become a better teammate and better understand the relationship between people and the organizations within which people operate."
Olek Niewiarowski

Olek is a PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a University Administrative Fellow in the Keller Center.