Art Hx Community Engagement UAF

Fellowship Description

Art Hx is a research project that explores the historical, and ongoing, entanglements of art, race and medicine, with an emphasis on histories of slavery and colonialism and their long-ranging implications. Currently, Art Hx consists of a website with published resources, a series of public programs and an artist residency program. Over the next few years, Art Hx will expand these different strands through closer collaborations with local and international institutions and community partners. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fellow would compile a list of potential community partners in the area and internationally 
  • Fellow would work with partners to map/create potential collaborative projects that would support external partners with Art Hx/Princeton resources/research
  • Fellow would be directly involved in putting together collaborative plan/outcome and work with PI to target funding/resources needed to bring this to fruition
  • Fellow would oversee a public program with the external partner, or develop a research toolkit or other outcome (in conversation with the PI) that Art Hx could support and that would be an important aspect of their professional development/CV building

UAF Mentor

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