Structured Problem-Solving like Consultants

Building on the pilot series from 2023, GradFUTURES is pleased to launch Structured Problem Solving like Consultants interdisciplinary learning cohort. This learning cohort provides- exposure to the field of management consulting, skills and frameworks of problem-solving used in consulting and experiential learning through capstone projects. Led by graduate students, this learning cohort brings together graduate alums, campus partners and external speakers through partnerships with the Graduate Consulting Club, Center of Career Development and University of Virginia. The mentored capstone projects are developed in partnership with our campus partners.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop familiarity with the fields of consulting and what consultants do in practice
  • Demystify the networking and interview process 
  • Gain tactical consulting skills, primarily hypothesis-driven problem-solving approaches 
  • Engage with problems like consultants through experiential capstone projects
  • Learn how to communicate your distinguishing skills and strengths
  • Have fun and take chances in a risk-free environment!

Facilitators and Organizers

Brendan Boler
Assistant Professor, University of Virginia Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy
Pam Cohen
Senior Associate Director, Graduate Student Career Development, Center for Career Development
Ian Gunady, GS, MAE
University Administrative Fellow
Facilitator, Structured Problem Solving like Consultants Learning Cohort
Sonali Majumdar
Assistant Dean for Professional Development
Jim Scully *03, ECO
Managing Director, Accenture
GradFUTURES Forum Speaker, Learning Cohort Facilitator & Professional Development Working Group Member
Clio Hall Award Recipient
Ke (Kevin) Xu, GS, CBE
University Administrative Fellow
Facilitator: Structured Problem Solving Like Consultants
Center for Career Development logo
Princeton University Graduate Consulting Club Logo

Capstone Project

At its conclusion, participants will engage in a capstone project to synthesize the skills gained during the duration of the cohort. 

For this capstone project, participants have been hypothetically tasked by a Princeton University client to solve a problem or investigate a question toward recommended strategies or solutions. Participants will work in groups on a mini consulting project guided by mentors from the following University Departments. 

  1. Princeton University Library
  2. Princeton University Press
  3. Office of Sustainability
  4. Office of Tech Licensing

Capstone Project Mentors

Meghan Testerman
Behavioral Sciences Librarian, Princeton University Library
Future Faculty Workshop Speaker
Ijeoma Nwagwu
Assistant Director, Faculty Engagement & Campus as Lab Initiatives, Office of Sustainability
Tony Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Office of Technology Licensing
University Administrative Fellowship Mentor
Sydney Bartlett
Assistant Marketing Manager at Princeton University Press
Prabhpreet Gill
Technology Licensing Associate

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GradFUTURES’ interdisciplinary learning cohorts build community among and between graduate students and reinforce each student’s graduate training while drawing on their content knowledge to inform the cohort’s investigation of the topic. As part of the cohort, students will read and discuss books, articles, and case studies. Learning cohorts typically also include at least one experiential component such as an immersive project, a site visit, conference presentation, or fellowship/internship opportunities. Interdisciplinary discussions, reflection, synthesis, community building, and immersive experiences are integral components of each learning cohort experience.