Princeton University Press Digital Marketing/Ideas Social Impact Fellowship

Fellowship Description

The Social Impact Fellow for Digital Marketing/ Ideas will contribute to an initiative to maintain the vitality of the Press’s Ideas site, functionally the online magazine of the Press, by increasing coverage of monographs and arranging interdisciplinary conversations between scholars.

As the PUP Ideas page explores ways to put authors into conversation on important topics, we are offering a summer opportunity that provides graduate students with the chance to interact with our authors, develop features, and consider ways of bringing their own areas of academic focus to bear on work in a curated series that focuses primarily on debate and conversation.

This is an opportunity for a fellow to bring fresh voices and original conversations to the Ideas section by editing and curating a series under a byline. 

Essential Functions

  • Solicits and facilitates monograph content and thematic features focusing on conversations between authors
  • Provides developmental editing for features, works with CML on design
  • Possibility to perform regular proofreading of content and editing podcast transcripts.
  • Supports the Senior Curator of Ideas and Content Partnerships with content and scheduling.
  • Additional Job Functions: Completes all other duties as assigned or requested for the general support of the organization.


  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office (especially Excel); writing, developmental and copy editing skills
  • Must be detailed oriented; organizational and time management skills are a plus.

Physical Demands

This is an office type environment with heavy computer use; remote work option available.

Your Host

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Founded in 1905, Princeton University Press is a nonprofit publisher with close connections to Princeton University. The Press brings influential voices and ideas to the world stage through their academic scholarship, advancing the frontiers of scholarly knowledge and promoting the human conversation. Princeton University Press brings scholarly ideas to the world. We publish peer-reviewed books that connect authors and readers across spheres of knowledge to advance and enrich the global conversation. We embrace the highest standards of scholarship, inclusivity, and diversity in our publishing. In keeping with Princeton University’s commitment to serve the nation and the world, we publish for scholars, students, and engaged readers everywhere.

Visit the GradFUTURES/Princeton University Press Initiative page to learn more about our partnership.

SIF Mentor

Debra Liese
Senior Curator of Ideas and Content Partnerships, Princeton University Press

Debra Liese is the Senior Curator of Ideas and Content Partnerships at Princeton University Press, responsible for developing editorial features for the PUP Ideas site across a range of disciplines. She coordinates the PUP Podcast, produced in partnership with the New Books Network, a consortium of author-interview podcast channels, and is committed to improving public discourse, accessibility, and making scholarly ideas accessible for a general readership. In addition to hosting the Social Impact Fellowship, she has served as a mentor for the annual Princeton University Press Publishing Fellowship, an initiative aimed at addressing a lack of diverse representation across the publishing industry and designed for individuals with no prior publishing experience.

Current & Former PUP Fellows

William Dingee, GS, Classics
University Administrative Fellow
Social Impact Fellow

"I'm connected with GradFUTURES through the UAF program and have been enjoying working at my internship at the University Press. It has helped to expand my sense of what work in the publishing world is like and to help me as I weight options beyond academia."

Paula Perez-Rodriguez, GS, SPL
Social Impact Fellow

"Working with Princeton University Press during the summer is allowing me to see academic publishing from a refreshing angle, one that has allowed me to invigorate my faith in the need to bolster critical thinking. I can definitely see how a Social Impact Fellowship could be the practical impulse needed to push any graduate student to a field where their knowledge becomes meaningful in a way different to that of teaching."

Jamie Wheeler
University Administrative Fellow

"Completing my MA and starting my PhD during the COVID-19 pandemic has foregrounded the importance of flexibility, so I'm thrilled to be learning a wide range of professional skills during my University Administrative Fellowship with Princeton University Press. As a graduate student, I get a lot of exposure to academic publishing as a consumer and some as a potential writer, so it's really enlightening to learn about it from the perspective of the publishing staff."

Isabelle Chen, GS, FIT
University Administrative Fellow
Social Impact Fellow

"Being a Fellow with GradFUTURES has helped me to develop a wide range of transferable skills, from administrative organization to event planning to building a professional network—skills equally applicable within and outside of tenure-track academia. This bridging across professional ‘boundaries' also happens to be a key objective of my fellowship: in enhancing and broadening the existing relationship between GradFUTURES and Princeton University Press, we aim to provide publishing resources for students on a number of different paths, including those hoping to publish their own academic work and those interested in pursuing a career in publishing."

Meseret Oldjira, GS, ART
University Administrative Fellow

"As a fellow at Princeton University Press, I worked with the Global Development and Intellectual Property team on the publications of the Bollingen Series, a 275-volume series of titles in art history, philosophy, literature, and religious studies that started in 1940. The program has been a wonderful opportunity for me to strengthen my professional experience as a graduate student and to gain valuable exposure to a new professional area."

Caitlin Harvey, GS, HIS
University Administrative Fellow
"Whether I remain in academia or not, this experience has been tremendously useful to both my career development and my personal development. I'm grateful to all of the kind people at PUP for welcoming me into their workplace."
Nicholas Risteen *19, ARC
Assistant Teaching Professor, Penn State
University Administrative Fellow Alum

"Seeing the publishing world as a form of intellectual curation—to evaluate and guide future scholarship in the field—was eye opening for me, and opened up new avenues to explore for post-doctoral life.”

Adéráyọ̀ Sànúsí, GS, ANT
University Administrative Fellow

"I am working with Princeton University Press staff to craft a strategy for acquiring more diverse and inclusive publications. To develop actionable insights, I interview members of the editorial, marketing and sales teams, observe multi-stakeholder meetings critical to the manuscript acquisition process, and research data on the faculty demographics of various academic disciplines. I have found the experience deeply rewarding because of the invaluable opportunity to leverage my ethnographic research skills while I also learn about the world of academic publishing."