FASPE Journal Editor Social Impact Fellowship

Fellowship Mentor:

Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree in English literature from Louisiana State University and a Master’s degree in Holocaust & Genocide Studies.After completing her graduate studies at Kean University, she worked as an Academic Specialist for the Master of Arts in Holocaust & Genocide Studies program, overseeing the staging of…

Hear from Current and Former Fellows & Mentors!

Diya Abdeljabbar, *12 (CBE)

Diya Abdeljabbar is the Director of Technical Operations at the Merck & Company vaccine manufacturing site in Durham, NC. The scope of his current role includes technology transfer, validation, and commercialization of a manufacturing process to produce Merck’s nonavalent human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. This role involves building a…

Sade Abiodun, GS, NEU

"Stories and experiences are all inherently driven by their underlying narrative, the way that they ebb and flow as different information is added. This allows us to merge our creative understanding of storytelling with our empirical knowledge of how we consume them. That’s why I love getting to be a storyteller as well as a story analyzer, and why I love incorporating this awareness into my creative and intellectual practice. I have been invited to collaborate as part of the New Media Studio program, and I'm excited to leverage my skills to both learn and teach!"

Avery Agles, GS, CBE

"My experience has totally transformed my idea of academia into a place where meaningful change and empowerment can happen."

Jonathan Aguirre, GS, SPO

"I've been most appreciative of the stimulating conversations that have motivated me to pursue research topics I would have never otherwise considered."

Kimberly Akano, GS, REL

Kimberly Akano is a Ph.D. student in Religion and a University Administrative Fellow with GradFutures. Using ethnographic and historical methods, Kimberly examines how the increasing presence of African immigrants in the United States transforms contemporary conceptualizations of Black religious identities. In particular, Kimberly considers how…

Mai Alkhamissi, GS, ANT

Mai K. Alkhamissi is a second-year PhD student with an MA in Anthropology and Cultural Politics from Goldsmiths and a BA in Anthropology and Sociology from the American University in Cairo. Mai is a University Administrative Fellow in the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. Mai has done fieldwork in Cairo from 2011 to 2013 on a project…

Genevieve Allotey-Pappoe, GS, MUS
"The GradFutures program is a great initiative for the professional development of graduate students at Princeton."
Scott Alpizar

Scott is a Senior Venture Associate with the Foundation Venture Capital Group where he plays a critical role in sourcing and evaluating potential investment opportunities. He also works directly with academic entrepreneurs and management teams of health-related early-stage startup companies to support their commercialization needs, including…

Anna Arabindan-Kesson

Professor Anna Arabindan-Kesson is an assistant professor of African American and Black Diasporic art with a joint appointment in the Department of Art and Archaeology. Born in Sri Lanka, she completed undergraduate degrees in New Zealand and Australia, and worked as a Registered Nurse in the UK before completing her PhD in African American…

Jill Arbeiter

Jill Arbeiter is the Graduate Administrator in the Department of Classics at Princeton University, and a member of the Professional Development Working Group.

Emilia Arguello, GS, CHM

"I am excited to participate in this fellowship to experience the personal connections – both as a mentee and as a mentor – that only a genuine teaching setting can offer.”

Megan Armknecht, GS, HIS
"[T]his experience helped me form meaningful working relationships with other historians, and has been helpful in framing my prospectus for my dissertation. I am still exploring both academic and non-academic career tracks, and this internship experience was helpful in seeing what possibilities there were for a career outside of academia."
Soha Aslam, *20 (MAE)

Soha Aslam earned a Masters of Science and Engineering (MSE) candidate in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program at Princeton University. Prior to coming to Princeton, Soha earned a BSc in Physics with a minor in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Since then, Soha has conducted a post-baccalaureate…

Joseph Avery, GS, PSY

"I learned a lot, I met other students with similar interests, and I formed lasting relationships with experts in the respective fields."

Yuzhou Bai, GS, EAS

"I'm excited to support my fellow Ph.D.s in at least two ways: to highlight recent job market trends and consult on new career options for graduate students and to use career outcome data to illuminate the diverse career paths of our graduate alumni. Feel free to reach out through e-mail or LinkedIn!"

Vandana Bajaj

Vandana Bajaj is currently the Assistant Director at the Princeton Center for Language Study, where she leads all strategic initiatives related to less-commonly-taught language teaching and learning, including external proficiency testing for the undergraduate language requirement and cross-institutional collaborations for live synchronous…

B. Ben Baldanza, *86 (SPIA)

The inaugural keynote speaker for the GradFUTURES Star Lessons in Leadership series, B. Ben Baldanza *86, a Princeton School of Public and International Affairs alumnus, was the CEO of Spirit Airlines from 2005-2016. He is currently is Chief Executive Officer of Diemacher, LLC.


Alana Ballantyne *13 (GER)
"Stepping outside my comfort zone as an academic was really scary at first, but I'm really pleased that I pushed myself."