The GradFUTURES Clio Hall Award

About the GradFUTURES Clio Hall Awards

Each year, the GradFUTURES Clio Hall Awards are presented by the Graduate School's professional development team to faculty, staff, graduate alumni, and graduate students in recognition of significant contributions to the professional development of Princeton graduate students. The criteria include outstanding collaboration and partnership with the Graduate School and the GradFUTURES team to create or expand professional development resources and programs and/or to elevate the visibility and impact of professional development for graduate students. A committee reviews nominations submitted from across campus, and the award is presented each year at the GradFUTURES Forum. To submit a nomination, please use this form. If you have questions, please email [email protected]

The name for the Graduate School’s GradFUTURES Clio Hall Award is based on “Clio Hall”, which is a landmark building at the University, built more than 125 years ago (1893), and is the home of the Graduate School’s administrative offices.  Clio Hall originally housed the “Cliosophic Society”, the oldest college debating club in the US, and that led to the adoption of the name “Clio Hall”. More information about this landmark building. can be found here.

The award itself is a miniature replica of Clio Hall, a Greek-revival style building.  The Clio Hall Award--a 3D printed replica of Clio Hall, home of the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School--has been produced with the generous support of the Council on Science and Technology.